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Scratchy, Tired, & Red Eyes: We Can Help

Dry eye can be a significant distraction, hindering your ability to focus on anything else. Symptoms like blurry vision, dryness, and fatigue can disrupt your concentration at work and spoil enjoyable moments in life.

But you don’t have to endure the scratchy, burning discomfort. Dry eye treatment can provide significant relief, helping you return to your daily routine. Our customized treatment plans are based on your lifestyle and eye health to help you achieve long-lasting comfort.

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How Your Tears Work

The surface of your eye remains moist, clean, and smooth thanks to a continuous layer of tears known as the tear film. With each blink, a combination of 3 layers—watery, oily, and mucus—spreads across the cornea (the eye’s front surface). These 3 layers are vital for maintaining healthy and comfortable eyes. 

Dry eye can happen when you produce too few tears or if any of the 3 layers are lacking.

Types of Dry Eye

Understanding the causes behind your dry eye is crucial to managing symptoms. Dry eye can be categorized into 2 major types: aqueous deficient and evaporative.

Aqueous dry eye occurs when the eye fails to produce an adequate amount of tears, resulting in insufficient moisture for lubricating and cleaning the eye.

Evaporative dry eye is characterized by a deficiency in the oils (meibum) produced by the meibomian glands in the eyelids. These oils are vital in maintaining longer-lasting tears and distributing moisture across the entire eye surface, which helps prevent dry patches.

How We Can Help Manage Dry Eye

Dry eye is a complex condition influenced by various factors, from eye health to our environment. Your symptoms and experiences are unique, just as you are, so our approach to dry eye treatment is tailored to your individual needs.

Initially, we’ll explore at-home solutions, such as specialized dry eye kits or medicated eye drops. Should a more intensive treatment be required, we also offer a range of in-office options, including technology-driven treatments like OptiLight by Lumenis (available at our Williamsburg location) or punctal plugs. 

Throughout your personalized treatment, we’ll diligently follow up with you to assess your comfort levels and monitor the health of your eyes.


Optase provides a comprehensive take-home kit for managing dry eyes. With a simple 3-step daily routine, patients can effectively address various issues that impact moisture levels, such as eye hygiene, tear flow, and tear film quality. Patients can experience improved eye comfort and well-being with Optase’s range of preservative-free solutions.

Punctal plugs are medical devices designed to enhance moisture on the eyes’ surface by preventing tear drainage. These tiny plugs are inserted into the tear ducts (puncta) to maintain proper lubrication.

Temporary punctal plugs are composed of collagen and dissolve within a few months, while semi-permanent silicone plugs are designed to remain in place for years. This minimally invasive procedure typically takes only a few minutes, allowing you to resume your normal routine immediately.

Over-the-counter eye drops or artificial tears can provide temporary relief by lubricating the eyes. However, prescription eye drops, such as Restasis, are formulated to boost the eye’s natural tear production by reducing inflammation.

Restasis can offer prolonged relief for individuals dealing with chronic dry eye when used twice daily.

IPL for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is a common cause of dry eye, characterized by inadequate production of the oily layer of tears. Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy offers a safe, noninvasive solution that directly targets the root cause of MGD.

During IPL therapy, light waves gently stimulate the meibomian glands, promoting the secretion of oils to help reduce inflammation and improve tear quality. IPL therapy can also help mitigate Demodex mites that contribute to conditions like MGD, blepharitis, and rosacea.

If you’re experiencing dry eye symptoms, schedule a consultation at Jellenek Family Eyecare. Our team can evaluate your eyes and determine if IPL therapy is right for you, helping you restore clear and comfortable vision.

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At Jellenek Family Eyecare, we prioritize your wellness. Our comprehensive, personalized solutions can address your eye health needs. We can help alleviate dry eye symptoms and enhance your quality of life with a range of treatment options.

Experience the difference at Jellenek Family Eyecare, where we bring together personalized care and expertise to prioritize your eye health.

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